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Mastering The Corporate Brand

Mastering The Corporate Brand is our philosophy compressed in just 4 words, but with significance that surpasses everything in our company.

Since Kontinent Film & TV in January 1994 started operations, we have been dedicated from the outset to produce films for visual brand-communication purposes. We aim at bridging the gap between our target audiences and the organisation (or product or service) we are promoting. It is the ethereal connection between the physical entity, and the audiences we believe are best suited to its purchase or promotion. It has been argued at many forums, that a brand only exists when this link has been made i.e. a brand is only a brand when it is communicated effectively. Good brand management therefore demands proactive brand communication.

Kontinent Film & TV have 15 years of experience in delivering brand communication. Our business structure was originally designed to ensure that, no matter what the formation of a communications plan, we would have the infrastructure and skill base to manage all forms of visual brand communication. This remains the case today. All creative, production or planning tasks are undertaken in-house to ensure the important control mechanisms are in place. We very rarely outsource. We will turn work down before we compromise on quality. We will work as hard as is necessary to keep promises and agreements once made.

Some of the tasks are really complicated, others easier, but common to them all is that they provide great and exciting challenge to our creative team. We learn constantly through our work, showing full respect for the tasks and our contract providers and we are truly passionate about delivering the audiovisual products to provide great value for money.
The evidence of our 15-year experience with television documentaries, as well as branding and communications films, is our extensive list of references.

To describe our competence as short and precise, yet as succinctly as possible, we came to these 4 words: Mastering The Corporate Brand. Welcome to Kontinent Film & TV.

To your left you see a list of some of our film productions in a full size web-TV. Please click on any of the active titles, watch the movie or download it and make it your own.

There are no adds, no commercials, no hidden cookies, no time or geographical limitation, no DRM  (Digital Right Management)  and – significantly - no registration formula to fill in. Please enjoy the show!